Writing workshops
Working the Imagination

10 AM – 12 PM   12 FEBRUARY 2022


198 Hastings River Drive, Port Macquarie

Tickets Limited 20

Imagination is a slippery thing. It can be triggered by many unexpected things and it can be elusive. At times imagination can be blocked and at other times it runs freely.

For the writer, imagination is a vital springboard for stories and this workshop explores lots of techniques for getting the imagination working and onto the page. Writers of all abilities and experience will find plenty of inspiration in this two-hour interactive workshop.

Bring your imagination and a notebook 


10 AM – 4 PM   9 APRIL 2022


22 Earl Street Coffs Harbour 

Tickets Limited 24

Readers don’t need to be regaled with great slabs of personal history about characters in order to care about them, or in order to understand what’s happening. Backstory can notoriously bog down a manuscript, particularly in the opening chapters. But how do you determine how much backstory is too much or not enough? And where do you put it? Through writing exercises and looking at excerpts from published books, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to use backstory effectively, and how to get the most out of what you know about your characters and settings without sacrificing narrative momentum.

Jacqui Winn

JACQUI WINN is a multi-award-winning writer of short stories and has been published many times in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland. She has judged a number of national short story competitions and gives workshops on writing to writers’ groups in NSW and interstate. She loves reading almost anything and when judging for competitions she is impressed with memorable characters, strong narrative voices and finely crafted language. With her husband, she lives on a farm with cows, goats and chickens on the Mid Coast of NSW.


Laurel Cohn

LAUREL COHN is a developmental book editor who has been helping writers prepare their work for publication since the late 1980s. She spent five years with one of Australia’s top literary agents and four years as Consultant Editor to the NSW Writers’ Centre (now Writing NSW) before turning freelance. She works with writers and publishers as an editor, assessor and mentor, and is a regular workshop presenter for Writing NSW, Writers Victoria, Queensland Writers Centre, Byron Writers Festival and Society of Women Writers. She has a PhD in Literary and Cultural Studies.